Obtaining the Romanian residence permit for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens

If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen and want to stay in Romania for more than 90 days, you have to get the Romanian residence permit, which is also called the Romanian registration certificate.

There are several ways by which you can obtain the Romanian residence card, ranging from opening a Romanian bank account and depositing a small amount of cash to forming a Romanian company. Those methods are detailed in the FAQ section, under the question 'What are the requirements?'.


With the Romanian residency permit, you can stay in Romania for 5 years.

With hundreds of clients for which we have obtained the Romanian registration certificate, we offer the fastest and simplest option to get the residence card at the lowest fees.

Moreover, such will be done by professional lawyers, the only ones licensed in Romania to carry out such procedures.

Because we are lawyers, there is no notary public required during the whole procedure.

The whole process will be carried out via e-mail. At the end, you have to come to Romania to get the residence permit, only for 1 day.

You do NOT need to show a rent agreement with the Romanian address where you will have the Romanian residence permit.

If you do not have a stable Romanian address, then we can offer a virtual one for obtaining the Romanian residence card, where you will receive any mail, which will be forwarded to you.

It can't get simpler than that.

We also offer all-inclusive services for getting the Romanian residence card, such as virtual address, forming a Romanian company, assistance for opening a Romanian bank account and more.

Please contact us below for more details.



Why only EU, EEA or Swiss citizens?

Because those are the only foreigners for which obtaining the Romanian residence pemit is the easiest and fastest.

There are also the US, Canadian and Japanese citizens which can obtain the Romanian residence permit for business, by forming a Romanian company.

Any other foreign citizen can obtain the Romanian residence permit but in stricter conditions.

What are the requirements?

You have to be have an EU, EEA or Swiss passport or ID card.

You have to be at least 18 years old.

You have to meet ONE of the following requirements:

1. be a director within a Romanian company. We can form a Romanian company for you within a couple of days.

2. be registered as a natural authorized person. A natural authorized person is the legal form under which an individual can carry out economic activities without having a company.

3. open a Romanian bank account, deposit EUR 90 and get a health insurance. We can assist in opening the bank account and finding a Romanian health insurer.

4. be employed in Romania, we will need: a) the employment agreeement, b) employer registration certificate and c) a print-screen from the labor database showing that the employment agreement is registered.

5. be deployed in Romania as an employee of a foreign company, for this we will need: a) the deployment agreement and b) the deployment notification.

6. be a legal practitioner, such as a lawyer, notary public, medic, etc.

7. be a volunteer, we will need the volunteering agreement with the Romanian organization.

There are also other ways, such as being a relative of a Romanian or EU citizen, being a student in Romania, etc., but those require documents in addition to the ones specified under point 3 above. This is why, in such cases, is better to apply for and fulfil only the requirement under point 3 above.

Is my presence in Romania required?

Your presence is not required in the beginning.

However, at the final stage of the process, you have to come to Romania and attend the interview at the Immigration Authority.

Is a notary public required?

No, there is no notary public required.

Because we are lawyers, we are licensed to certify the documents which otherwise are required to be notarized. Thus everything is easier and faster, since you don't have to leave your computer to go to a notary public.

What documents do you need?

You will only need to send us a copy of your EU, EEA or Swiss passport or ID card and fill in a short questionnaire with information required by the Immigration Authority.

Please contact us below and we will revert with such questionnaire in no time.

Please see the answer to the above question "What are the requirements?" for other specific documents required, depending on the method you choose to proceed with.

Please describe the procedure.

Once you send us your passport or ID card copy and the filled in questionnaire we will proceed with applying for the Romanian residency card, if there are no other documents required as detailed under the above question "What are the requirements?".

We receive the appointment from the Immigration Authority

At the appointment, you have to be personally present and also come with the originals of the documents above. You will be fingerprinted and photographed.

Usually on the next day, the residence permit is issued, which can be picked by either you or us.

How long does it take?

It can be between 7 days and 2 months, depending on the competent local immigration authority.

For example, if the residence address is in Bucharest, then the waiting period for the appointment is around 2 months. Outside of Bucharest can be as low as 7 days.

The virtual address we offer is located in Bucharest.

What is included in your services?

The services include:

1. preparing the documentation and applying for the Romanian residency permit;

In addition, we offer optional services for additional fees:

1. assistance in front of the Immigration Authority if such is located in Bucharest or Ilfov;

2. picking up the residence card, if the Immigration Authority issuing it is the Bucharest or Ilfov one;

3. virtual residence address for 5 years (minimum required by law);

4. company formation, company address rental and accounting;

5. obtaining a Trade Registry excerpt for an existing Romanian company;

6. assistance in front of the Romanian bank for bank account opening (your personal presence is required).

The fees, excluding the accounting services, are VAT exclusive. In Romania, the VAT is 19%.

Who is qualified to assist in front the Immigration Authority and carry out legal procedures?

In Romania, the only professional consultant licensed to carry out legal services such as assistance in front of the Immigration Authority is a licensed lawyer.




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