Real Estate

Are you interested in acquiring real estate in Romania or obtaining a proper and comprehensive due diligence report about a Romanian property?

You have come to the right place.

We are lawyers specialized in real estate matters for foreign clients.

Real estate

We can assist in buying Romanian real estate, by searching for the right property, performing a due diligence, liaising with the relevant authorities and making sure that all legal requirements are met.

If the property has legal issues, we are here to solve them before any transaction is performed.

In case you intend to open a Romanian company for acquiring Romanian real estate, we can form such company before performing any real estate transactions, and also register the company as a VAT payer entity, so that you can deduct the 5% or 19% VAT tax on the acquired real estate.

We are licensed to provide professional legal opinions on Romanian real estate laws and regulations.

If you are in a dispute reagarding Romanian real estate, we can assist you in court.

We have extensive experience in real estate matters, as we participated in major Romanian commercial real estate transactions.

Our response time is fast as we put the client first in any situation.

Our fees are flexible and negotiated taking into account each matter and the financial possibilities of the client allocated to it.

If you are searching for a Romanian real estate law firm, you cannot fail choosing us.



Why would you hire us as your real estate lawyers?

Our extensive experience in dealing with real estate transactions, guarantees the best professional legal advice in any query you might have abour Romanian real estate.

Do you offer a preliminary analysis of the client's real estate questions free of charge?

Yes, before starting any matter we can respond to any of the client's clarifying questions / queries, as we seek to help the client better understand the Romanian real estate legal framework and the steps required to be performed in his situation.

What services do you offer?

We provide the following services:

- Assistance in buying Romanian real estate;

- Searching for the desired Romanian property;

- Performing due diligence in relation to Romanian properties;

- Solving legal issues affecting Romanian real estate;

- Drafting sale purchase agreements;

- Issuing legal opinions about the Romanian real estate laws and regulations;

- Assistance and representation in front of the Land Book, notary public and any other entities involved in real estate transactions;

- Assistance and representation in front of the court in case of real estate legal disputes;

What are your fees?

The fees vary depending on the value of the property, complexity of the matter and the funds allocated by the client.




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