We love solving complex legal situations and are confindent in our legal strategies before the court that we offer a preliminary legal assessment of your claims free of charge. Please kindly contact us and we will provide the best legal options in your particular case, an estimate of the winning chances of your claims and how to proceed further, everything without spending a penny.

We are specialized in dispute resolution for foreign clients, in the field of business services, tech, real estate, employment and public procurement, whereby the applicable jurisdiction are the Romanian courts.

We have extensive experience in representing foreign clients before Romanian courts and in arbitrations, guiding them through the whole process, and also winning a significant amount of them.

We also regularly offer an informal English translation of all documents and claims filed before the court, so that the client knows at all times all the details and status of the case.

We offer complete services regarding legal assistance and representation of clients in the preliminary phases (negotiation with the opposing party or performing certain preliminary procedures, if applicable, etc.), in the court phase (first instance, appeal and second appeal), as well as in the phase of enforcing final judgments.

The high percentage of lawsuits won on behalf of clients can only show our dedication, careful preparation of the trial strategy and the passion with which we plead, all towards the best possible result for our clients, given the circumstances.

We treat each litigation with seriousness and maximum dedication, regardless of its value.


The strategies we prepare for each case are not just about invoking the law before the court, but it also includes quoting the relevant doctrine and case law favoring your situation, all to maximize the chances of winning the respective case.

Our fees for each case are flexible and negotiated taking into account the value of the claims, complexity and the financial possibilities of the client allocated for that case.

If you are trying to get the highest chances of winning your case, you cannot fail choosing us.



Why would you hire us as your lawyers?

Our extensive experience in dealing with disputes, involving the Romanian courts, will give you the best experience and communication in relation to your Romanian case and the best chances of winning it.

Do you offer a preliminary analysis of my particular situation free of charge?

Yes, because we like pleading in front of the court and finding the best arguments for our clients, we perform, free of charge, a qualified legal analysis of your particular situation.

This involves carefully analyzing the dispute, your claims, the details and circumstances you provide, the underlying documents, contracts, minutes, invoices, e-mails, discussions, time sheets etc.

We will objectively assess your chances of winning or losing the dispute.

We will also provide the best options for you to succeed and how to begin.

What documents do we need to start the litigation?

It varies depending on nature of the claims and the planned strategy discussed between us beforehand.

Usually such documents refer to the contracts from which the claims resulted, any ancillary documents refering to the performance of such contract, such as minutes, invoices, e-mails, discussions, time sheets etc.

Most of such documents would have already been provided during the preliminary legal analysis of your case.

What are your fees?

The fees vary depending on the value of the claims, complexity of the case and the funds allocated by you to winning such case.

Depending on the above, we can charge a fixed fee for every court phase or every court term.

In addition to a fixed fee, there might be a success fee, which is payable only if the case is won, at the end of the case.




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